The Lake Road

October 8, 2007

I’ve shared incidents’ from my time overseas from time to time, but as I get older I’m forgetting so much (or rather I have already forgotten so much).

So, starting now, I’m going to write up some of the memories I have of my travels overseas.  Maybe once a week or every other week.

Please note that I in no way want to seclude anyone(thing) or offend anyone.  These are just my stories and my thoughts.  I preface this because of my first story.


When I think of that name it makes me angry and to be truthful a bit scared.  It is scary (to me) to see a creation of my God with so much mis-use of power.  To be honest I guess I really don’t even think it’s a misuse of power, but more of a use of evil power.  See….

During a time of my life I lived in a hillstation (resort of types –  trust me…it’s no Vale!) in South India called Kodaikanal (pronounced Kodi-canal).  It is absolutely beautiful.  A lot of people go there for their vacations to get away from the intense heat of the plains.  We moved there because I was attending the International School there.  I was a day-boarder so I lived off campus with my parents in a compound a couple of miles from the school.  Since I was far enough away, my folks got a mo-ped for me to travel to and from school. 

You would think you couldn’t get any safer than a mo-ped with pedals!  But I wrecked so many times on that stupid thing…I’ve lost count of my scars.

My moped was a faithful machine though.  As a matter of fact there were only 2 occasions where my moped died on me.  I still have dreams about those 2 times.

The 2nd time it happened I was where I shouldn’t have been.

In Kodaikanal, there is a beautiful lake in the middle of town.  It is surrounded by thick pines and super tall eucyleptus trees.  There is a narrow road that winds around the entire breadth of the Kodai Lake.  It’s so surreal.  The school I attended was very difficult and trying on me.  Every once in awhile if things got to be too much I would take a detour on my way home and speed down that narrow road.  The smell of the eucy leaves mixed with just a hint of pine.  No sounds except for the soft hum of my moped and the leaves swirling behind me on the road. 

It was the perfect combination for a peaceful drive.  Until I saw him.

He had never been home before.  I knew it was one of his houses, but it always sat empty.  I guess I got so caught up in school that I hadn’t notice the hub-bub of his followers in town. 

His name is Sai Baba.  Actually his name is something else, but at some point in time of his life he decided he was the reincarnation of a holy man called Sai Baba.  Now this man is called ‘lord Sai Baba’.  His followers (“devotees”) praise him, pray to him, and go to him for healing.  He, along with others, come to Kodaikanal to escape the heat.  During the day he sits outside and blesses his devotees.

On this day the road was filled with about 50 of his white-robed followers.  Mostly Europeans looking for peace.  I’m not sure how I didn’t hit any of them.  But the next thing I knew, I was right in front of him and my moped had come to a jerking halt and died.

I just stared at him and he stared back.  I was frightened and getting irritated.  His eyes never changed, but then suddenly he started to smile.  Not a gentle or happy smile.  More like a snarling smile.

Oh boy, that pissed me off.

I broke eye contact and tried to start my moped back up.  Nothing.  Stupid piece of machine!

I had to get away from him before he said something to me or worse yet – touched me.  Still sitting on my moped, I waddle/walked it away, feeling very defeated.

 As soon as I had gone around the bend, I tried the moped again and sure enough it started up with no problems.  I called that stupid bike everything, in every language I could think of and sulked back home.

I see that Sai Baba is still around and he’s already proclaimed that he will live until 2019, then he’ll reincarnate again to some other baby and put a goofy-looking fro wig on him.


 I don’t think I actually fear him.  Instead I fear the feeling that he made me feel.  When I have dreams that conjure up that feeling, his eyes show up.  It’s sad how many people have spent so much money and years looking for peace from things and man, when it’s right there in front of them.  They just need to embrace it.

There was a lady on Oprah just last week who wrote a book about her travels to Italy, India and Bali looking for inner peace, basically.  I actually heard her say that she was in an ashram waiting for the mosquitos to come so she could conquer the need to swat them away!  Sorry, I didn’t realize finding peace meant acquiring malaria!  My bad…..



  1. How well you painted that scene girl! I tell you this is good writing and you will one day see yourself at the Barnes & Noble–on a cover of a great book. And lots of liberal weirdies will love you too even if you are my friend! xoxo

  2. You get mad when you are scared.

    I get sick when I am scared. If it would have been I would have “Sai Baba”ed my curry all over his feet.

    On a lighter note. Awww, real honest to goodness eucyleptus! I feel refreshed just thinking about it.

  3. I have never even heard of that man, but the way you described this encounter was enough to make me feel like I was right there with you when you were face to face with him. I wonder how people end up thinking that through someone like that is the way to find peace.

    Looking forward to reading all your stories about living overseas.

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  4. His eyes do have a certain menacing look to them…and I’m SURE to a young girl…it would be ever scarier.

    Thanks for sharing your stories…I’m fascinated!

  5. I am just fascinated by this post. SaiBaba is an evil magician. There are no two ways about it. Once I went to this family’s house and they had a basement room dedicated to him. I went there and just peeked into the room and I felt evil emanating from the room. I am not making this up. He bilks money from people (most of his devotees are rich people-the poor people rarely gets to see him) and he is an out and out cheat. He hides stuff in his poof of hair and pulls them out and performs “miracles” like that.

    It just saddens me to see so many people in spiritual darkness following a man for enlightenment and peace. He is just one of these con men/women among many.

  6. […] caused them to stop in their tracts and look at me.  Once again I found myself praying to God that my mo-ped didn’t stall out.  As it was I was going up a very steep hill and my mo-ped wasn’t the most powerful thing […]

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