Fall weekends

October 12, 2007

I’m not sure how weekends are during the Fall where you come from but around here?  It’s all about Craft fairs and Apple Butter Making Days.  They start sometime in September and go through the first part of November.

I have never taken part of these weekends.  To be honest I’ve always been a bit nervous about those Craft fairs.  Some of the people look like they’re Children of the Corn!  Shoot, some of the people at Silver Dollar City freak me out!

Anyway…I’ve decided to break out of my comfy little world.  I’m venturing out into the Ozark hills!

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Mt. Vernon for their famous Apple Butter Making Days with my good friend, Ms. A.R.  She’s never been either (although she is a hard core crafter).

Wanna know a secret?  I can’t stand apple butter!  It tastes like sweet, rotten applesauce.  BUT…my husband and kids kill for it.  So I’m literally sacrificing myself for their good. 

Yeah right…honestly…it was my idea.  I’m intrigued.

 Next weekend I’m going on an all-girls road trip….to a craft fair in War Eagle.  I think it’s in Arkansas.  I can’t tell you just how scared I am about this!

If I hear banjo’s I’m running!



  1. I have good news!

    In addition to apple butter the following foods items will also be available:
    kettle corn, apple dumplings, caramel apples, apple cider, bratwurst, funnel cakes, turkey drumsticks, stuffed baked potatoes and steak sandwiches.

    Hungry yet?

    Shh, don’t tell anybody but it’s 40% about the crafts and 60% about the food!

    Call me!

    I’ll think you have inspired me to write a craft fair post.

    Ms. Always Right

  2. Ohh I love apple butter! Jamee used to make it every fall and I NEVER learned–but I need to.

    I’ve been to War Eagle–back in the day when my mother lived in Springdale AR (yes it’s in AR) and back in the day when she talked to me (I know, be afraid of me). Buy me some apple b. xoxo

  3. I would have taken a picture of the Solo Cup Rudolph, but those people get testy if you try to steal their ideas!

    And of course, I’m looking for a way to work this “craft” into the KidPoint curriculum.

  4. My grandparents live in Rogers, Arkansas which is near where the War Eagle craft fair is held. I’ve never gone, but I’d love to. According to my grandparents, it’s quite the event. I’m sure you’ll have fun and won’t hear any banjos. I hope. 😉

    Yum, apple butter!

  5. Sounds like fun – I hope you have an absolute blast!!

  6. I think D is wanting an invitation…don’t ask her, she’s wayyy beautiful!

    Hey, Miss Apple Butter Dumplin Queen, it’s gonna stay just between us (John was rolling!) and this is why I love ya! (I do!) xoxo

  7. War Eagle is FAMOUS among craft fairs. The town only has a population of like 100. But during the fair they get about 180, 000 visitors. So, don’t be afraid. The ratio is in your favor. And besides, you look too chewy.

  8. I’ve tagged you to find out about you and your husband

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