Up Syndrome

October 14, 2007


  October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month (thanks, P&B Girls for the reminder!).  In honor of this, I want to make you “aware” of my brother, Hulkman. 

When it comes to Hulkman I have a tendency of acting like a brand new grandpa…brag, brag, brag.  I love my dear brother.  We are twins born 5 years apart (poor mum!).  I can honestly say that no one has taught me to be more Christ-like than him. 

He is very educable which means he’s smart enough to tell me that he doesn’t have Down Syndrome…he has Up Syndrome.  And don’t you dare call him retarded.  He says retarded people drool and he doesn’t drool.  One minute he can preach a Brimstone and Fire sermon (purple face and all) then the next he’s telling you about how gentle and loving his friend, Jesus, is.


I’ll never forget the time we almost lost him in India.  He was dying.  He couldn’t talk because of the tubes that had been down his throat for days.  One morning one of the cleaning gals was sweeping up his hospital room floor.  She kept trying to sneak a peek at this white man.  Hulkman noticed and signed to her “I love you”.  She didn’t know sign language so my Dad told her what he said.  She asked, “How can he love me when he doesn’t even know me?”  Dad explained that Hulkman was a simple man that only knew to treat others the way Jesus would treat them, and since Jesus loves her, then Hulkman loves her.  It brought her to tears.  My family and I believe that more than likely Hulkman led more people to Christ in India than most missionaries.  Just because he lives “it”.  He’s not just a Christ follower, but he’s a Christ doer.

 Hulkman is now 40 years old and not afraid to tell me to obey him since he’s my older brother.  I’m sure he’s not going to live more than another 10 years.  I think from time to time, do I have any regrets with him?  And I can’t think of a single one.   Wait…I take that back.  I’m going to regret not being able to see what he looks like in heaven without that extra chromosome.

I bet money we’ll look like twins.



  1. This is the sweetest post I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a few posts this year. I’m going to print it off and share with my friend at church who has a daughter with DS. Worded so perfectly–a Christ doer.

    Pretty certain in the wink of an eye you will for sure see Hulkman without that extra chromosome. And looking at that picture up there, I honestly believe you’re right–you will be twins! Thanks for humbling me, I need that from time to time. xoxo

  2. That is a beautiful tribute! I’ve often said about my special daughter that God sent her here to do some special work. When her work is done she’ll go. I’m her voice for her job, so I’m humbled like you to be in her presence. Thanks for the lovely post.

  3. What a blessed little sis you are, having a big bro like that!

    As you would say, “Hulkman Rocks!”

  4. What a great post! And your bother sounds like a true inspiration for all of us! Your post brought tears to my eyes. :o)

  5. Wow, your post is wonderful. I have 3 girls, and my 15 week old is “chromosomally enhanced.” I’ve worried about the impact she might have on them, thinking it might be “hard” being the older sibling of a sister with DS.

    You’ve made me feel so good…every day I come to realize that what I thought might be the “worst” outcome for my pregnancy will likely be the best thing that ever happened to me when I look back at my life…

  6. Gi, I’m totally the lucky…so stop! I’m already cleaning for you, Gi…have re-arranged the living room and cleaned the covers of the loveseat so they don’t have Louie hair on them when you sit. THAT’s love, my friend. And it doesn’t stop there…no it doesn’t. I am moving from there to the kitchen and the untensil holder WILL be cleaned of all crumbs and dead bugs. Promise. But later, I’m working tonight. xoxoxo The Gidge (who is luckier than lucky to know the Gi)

  7. This was so beautiful. We are so lucky to get to “know” Hulkman through you. He really is a special, special man.

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  8. What a gorgeous post. So beautiful.

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