Craft fairing for Dumbies

October 22, 2007


I’ve experienced a lot of cultures, but going to a craft fair in Arkansas takes the cake.

There was serious Christmas shopping going on.  The parking was nuts and so were the people, but this is what I learned at War Eagle:

1.  Exhibitors are no dumbies.  They know how to take advantage of big store consumers.  Every toy booth had signs like the following:

Our crafts have been painted with lead-free paint!

Smart little hillbillies!

2.  There are some really unique ideas (and I took advantage of those) and there are some down right DUMB ideas (and I laughed at those).  Nothing was as dumb as the people who were buying duck tape wallets from a guy at the Apple Butter Festival for $5.00!!!  I am NOT kidding you!  Or as wacky as the guy that took his beer bottles and made hummingbird feeders out of them.  That’s what I want…a bunch of drunk hummingbirds swirly-giggin’ in my front yard!!

3.  People will get vicious to park in a handicapped spot then walk for 8 hours to get the best deal on some copper cat-tail rain chimes!  Or better yet, they come with a motorized scooter and run over the toes of 110,000 impatient shoppers!

4.  The food!!!  I’ve never seen so much food!  Foot-long corn dogs, strawberry crepes,  choco-dipped cheesecake on a stick,…just about EVERYTHING was on a stick and cost my right arm to eat it…but it was YUM!

4.  As crazy as it was, I found some great, unique gifts like this shirt:


 Can you believe it?!?!?!

I had a blast with some great gals. 

There was Hot-Mama ‘D’ who put up with a car full of 30-somethings acting like a bunch of 10 year old boys (did you know that there is a creek called Spanker Creek that butts up to Beaver lake??)

Ginger – she is my dear sweet friend who has a side to her that ROCKS!  She’s a trip!  “Good girl”…my fanny! 

Now ‘J’….she is a girl after my own heart…prego and ready to chow at any time..!  I never want to leave a prego-girlfriend in the lurch when it comes to feeding the baby.  I ate for her….REALLY!

There was Crazy Coco who ended up being my bed mate…and who was the queen of sarcasm…I’ve learned a whole new line of vocabulary from her!

Thanks ya’ll for giving me some great memories and laughs!


  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic time! LOVE the shirt!

  2. Gi I honestly have tears in my eyes I’m laughing so much! Where to start ….I durn near called you this weekend, I meant to do it and check in on you but then I forgot. I think it was the blue brew, idk.

    Smart little hillbillies–you better lock your doors GiGi you’re on the fringe of Hillbillie USA and they could read this blog..you don’t know! They could!

    My ‘mother’ (loosely used that word) lived in Arkansas and she was one of those–pop out the handy and hang it in the mirror to get out and walk around Sam’s Club for two hours. But then when in Arkansas…

    It didn’t register with me about your shirt at first–you’re just GiGi to me so I forget you have a real name! Oh gosh I need a Gidget shirt now! And we need to get a Cat one too! Bring that top to KC when you come–and don’t wear it until then. You’ll get bleach splashed on it or mustard globs all over and it’ll be ruined!

    Finally–I’m glad you’re back. Blogging without you isn’t blogging at all. Okay that’s a bit much, I can taste it in the back of my throat. Blogging without my BFF isn’t as good as blogging with you..but I held it down for us Gi. Hope you got fat while you were there too–because I can’t hang out with skinny Gi next to me. Surely you got fat–cheesecake on a stick will do that for you. I should know–I’m eating one right now. Yup a big old chocolate dipped almond coated cheesecake on a long stick. It’s yummmmmm! xoxo

  3. YeeeeeHAWWW that’s the longest quote Evah!

  4. *comment, not quote

  5. What a blast! You crack me up. I am so glad you had a great time! And I’m glad you’re back!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  6. I came back this morning to say OMG I just realized GIGI posted her face! You’re so beautiful, Gi–you probably hear about your perfect teeth a lot, don’t you? ~Gidge

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