Substitute teacher

October 24, 2007


 An Apple for Teacher (it drives me nuts there’s no ‘A’ before Teacher!)

For those people who spend much time and energy teaching us how to do things on blogs, encouraging us, enabling us, instructing us and enthusing us

I was so stunned to get this award from my BFF Stacey that it’s left me speechless for weeks now.  I definitely don’t feel like I’m worthy to be a teacher…maybe a sub.  Remember subs?  Every school-aged kid’s dream.

A time to be mischeivious.

A time to be tricky.

A time to shirk off responsibilities.

Sounds like some good Halloween fun actually!!

I think in order to teach, you need to be willing to learn.  And I have learned a lot…and blogged about it:

I’ve learned to expand my horizons ~     nascar.jpg

I’ve learned to laugh ~   100_1465.jpg

I’ve learned to love ~    wedding-kiss.jpg

and I’ve learned to cry ~ hillbilly.jpg  just kiddin’….kind of.

I really suck at passing these awards off to people.  This one is no different….I learn things from everyone! (ok, so I’m easy to entertain too).  There are a few people I’d really like to pass this to but they don’t have blogs (ahem!).

But lately I’ve really gotten a lot out of Anne over at Flower Dust.  I don’t even know if she accepts blog awards, but she is a great teacher.  She’s one of those bloggers that incorporates all her readers into her posts.  Besides that she’s WAY cool.  Rumor has it she’s really Kat!  Oklahoma is not too far for me to go for a great tat!


  1. congrats! you deserve an award. Your posts are always fun. I do remember acting up for the sub…a little anyway.

  2. I learn how to laugh again every time I visit your blog! You are fabulous!

  3. Thank you!!!!! I am completely flattered! Aww!

  4. Oh man leave it to you to cool up this award even MORE! You’re so funny. BTW, where is that kissing wedding photo–I don’t remember it and I wanna see a bigger version. Is that weird?

    You ain’t no sub!

  5. You totally deserve this award. Sub? Not a chance?

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