Back in the day…

October 30, 2007

Kailani, over at An Island Life is having a Halloween Costume Contest.  I’ve been looking at everyone’s entries and thought, ‘Ah…what the heck’….

This goes back to 2000.  J and OldMan are Frontiersmen and I am Raggady Annie in the Hood.


We had so much fun that year trick-or-treating…obviously more for us than OldMan.  Now that him and Gremlin are older I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get their ghetto homemade outfits made in time.

As it always goes for most moms (and dads!) you’ve just about got the finishing touches on the outfit when ….”Moooommmm, I REALLY want to be something else!” 

This evening I had OldMan’s Obi Wan Kenobi outfit and Gremlin’s bat costume just about finished up when I got that loving announcement from both of them.  Now normally I would given them the speech about thankfulness for what they have, etc, etc….but I’m so stinkin’ tired!  So instead I called my Mum to whine to her.

My dad answered.

Ok…I can whine to him.  The response back?

“Oh really?  Changing their minds at the last moment, huh?  Kind of like that time we drove 10 hours one way to get you a really nice graduation dress, that you decided last minute not to wear?  Or the time that you…”

“DAD!…Isn’t Mum there??”

{insert evil snicker from dad here}

Tomorrow?  OldMan will be an Ultimate Free-Fighter (aka: wearing karate oufit) and Gremlin will be a Super G.I. Joe Forest guy!



  1. I love you GiGi, you’re my best thing down there in the hills! You roll with ’em well. And I must tell you, I’m hoping you win this contest–must go out to Kailani’s and vote for you!!!

  2. Ow! I am amazed with everybody who celebrate Halloween, salute to you, two thumbs up for all efforts you spend with that costumes!

    Halloween is not common here, and I don’t think people here would do such a great effort like that! If I am supposed to make a costume carnival for my boys, I would rather rent them! LOL

    GIGI, thanks for your comment as well, actually I was here when you were at my blog… but I have to off for a while to send my children to bed and it took me 2 hours before they fast asleep and I can sneak out again and send this comment to you!

    Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

  3. GIGI not sure if my comment is up here.. as my comment always caught by akismet in my friend’s blog.. 🙂 please check your akismet… 😀

  4. GIGI, I will vote for you as well! :-)) hope you can win, dear!

  5. Thank you. Thank you for posting this picture! WooooHaaaHaaa!

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