Dear Santa,

October 30, 2007

This week year has really sucked.  But…

I think I have been a very good girl despite all that and I’ve got the awards to prove it.

Misty Dawn thinks I’m a bloggin’ Wonder Woman and I’m good for the community:

 wonderwoman.jpg                      communitybloggerawardwf1.jpg

and Trinity thinks I’m a sweet treat..I mean sweet as a treat! and she appreciates my friendship.  Shoot, even Gidge thinks I’m a good friend despite all the harassing I give her.  See?….

halloween.gif         friendship.jpg

This might be more on the sad side than good, but I even got this award and don’t remember who gave it!


Which kind of defeats the whole point of the award, but….

There are definitely days that I don’t feel sweet, nice, friendly, or like a hero, but these ladies are just a few that are to me.  Actually, you know what Santa?  Skip me and please make sure these ladies have an extra special Christmas this year.  I’ll just head over to Rocks in my Dryer and try to pick up a few giveaways.


  1. You’re always wonderful in my book Hon!!! You totally deserve all of these!

  2. Oooh ooh I got that one too! Wonder woman! And I have it in my file from before, so someone gave it to me earlier and I forgot too! Must run in the family, eh, Gi?

    I’m with Mist, and I hate sucking up to you and stuff (go see my response to you on my last post–don’t you hate when people make you do that?!), but you deserve all of these plus a few that haven’t even been thunk of yet! You make me laugh harder than anyone I’ve ever known. Although in your absense, I have made a new friend–Memarie Lane? Have you seen her stuff? Gi, let’s just say you didn’t get back on anytime too soon!

    When’re we doing that lunch meetup? Huh? Week after next maybe? I’ll need to check with Cat–now that she’s a working girl and stuff (in the good way). She may have to stay behind designing tshirts in her big fancy tshirt factory. xoxo

  3. Boy I just read my first paragraph–how freakin annoying did I just sound there? Bean me with a coal when I get there with ’em.

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