The attack of the annoying virus

October 30, 2007

Thank God for a new and hopefully virus-free week….

Last week, we took OldMan to the ER 3 times before a doctor was able to diagnosis his problem…Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP).  It is a viral infection that attacks the blood vessels, joints, kidney and skin.  Oldman had a very aggressive form of it.  He was in a LOT of pain most of the week and there wasn’t much we could do for him.  The virus just had to run it’s course.  Here is a picture of what his hiney, legs, arms, feet looked like:


The scary part is the kidney issue.  It can attack his kidney up to 3 months after the rash goes away.  On Friday his blood pressure was high indicating that the virus was attacking his kidney.  We just kept an eye on him and kept him off the ibuprofen.  The dr also gave us some steroids to help with the joint pain.  It was a nerve-wrecking week-end…waiting for a sign that his kidneys were failing.

Thankfully that did not happen and his blood pressure was back to normal and his urine is still showed no blood.  The swelling is going down and his sores are starting to fade.  He’s also come down with Fifth’s disease (another virus), but it doesn’t hurt him and it just has to work itself out of his system. 

All of this because of strep!  His immune system must have been really low.  We’ll be working on that!!!

Now that I’ve started catching up on some sleep I’m ready to catch up on some blogging!



  1. Praise God for OldMan’s recovery, Gi. And will continue asking for healing until this is completely behind him. You’ve been through enough to last a lifetime, your son will not forget the love and care you shower on him.

    Off topic, line the kids’ treat bags with thick iron, Gi, I’m heating the coals in the backyard coal pit (shh don’t tell the homeowners assoc) and they should be ready for transport by tomorrow, eh, say around 3’ish. Protective gloves wouldn’t hurt either, let me know if you need some extras. You’ll know me, I’ll be the green Explorer barreling down your street, flames shooting out the top, kids hanging out the windows for air. They need to be holding on, I do a mean break and swerve to a halt! I’ll honk. xoxo

  2. I’m so glad things are looking up! Can you imagine going thru something like this without God?! Sheesh. You know we’ve got your back with prayer and anything else you need.

    We really enjoyed Gremlin on Saturday! I hope he got enough candy! The only downside to the whole thing is that A-Man is now asking for a brother!

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