Show me some love…

November 2, 2007

It starts today!

**Updated:  Since there is such a problem with the voting poll, please do not vote.  Most of the people that I know that read this blog would not feel comfortable voting the way she has it set up (due to the polling problems).  Thanks away!! 

The voting poll for best costumes opened up today over at An Island Life.  Apparently there’s been some problems with cookies and polls disappearing, but please pop over there and vote for me.  I believe our picture is under Best Family Photo and the voting ends on the 5th.

 You know, I signed up because there weren’t very many, but apparently last night everyone got crazy because there’s a HUGE list of people.  Of course lots of kiddos…can’t imagine how to pick the best on kids.  There are SO many cute ones!

So if she gets all the bugs worked out, please vote on this picture:     halloween-2000.png

I’m sure I could share my $20 gift card with all my inter-peeps….a buck for each of ya!



  1. So when do I vote? Let me know when it’s fixed because I think you’re super sexy in that costume and it’s worth my vote!

    Haven’t won a thing yet. You?

  2. Will definitely vote for ya! Just let me know when! That’s a fantabulistic photo, by the way.

  3. GIGI, it said that my cookie has to be enable, and I did, still I can’t vote for you..

  4. Gigi.. you got an invitation from Hogwarts! Please come to my room and grab it..

  5. Get your apple buttttter up here right now then. I’m hungry, peaches! It’s getting closer….when are you coming for sure anyway?

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