What happened to Thanksgiving?

November 6, 2007

Gremlin and I are in a knock down drag out fight dispute.  Being 4 years old, he doesn’t remember anything about Thanksgiving, so to him there is no such thing.  Of course t.v. shows, commercials, and stores are NOT helping this fight what so ever.  Everywhere you look it’s all about Christmas…and it’s KILLING my side of the argument!

The other day, on the way to a local grocery store, the argument got started again.  I had a headache and had been up all night hacking my life-force out.  I was not in the mood for this.  I told him to knock it off and not to talk about it again.

Yeah, I’ve got completely control….right.

I absolutely LOVE this local-yocal store.  It’s one of the places where the baggers are local senior citizens, they have donation jars for the local high school band, one of the baggers carries a pocket full of quarters just in case a birthday kid comes in his line….he always wishes them Happy Birthday and gives them a quarter.  It becomes a tradition for little kids in the area to head to Murfins for their birthday quarter.  They also have little carts with flags that say “Future Shopper”, and Gremlin adores it! 

Since we didn’t have very many things to get the other day, I let him take care of the cart for me.  He was an uber-angel!  He got everything we needed and carefully put them in his cart, then when we got to the check out, he unloaded everything onto the belt, and lastly walked his grocery cart over to where it belongs and pushed it in place.

When he grows up he’s going to be the most caring shopper ever!

As I was checking out, I noticed they had a new bagger.  He was quite…uhm….elderly. And was lacking all teeth except 2.  He was oh-so cute!  After Gremlin returned from putting his cart up, that cute, little old man looked at him then asked me, “He your son?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Humph…well, he looks full of it!”  He leaned down to get face to face with him…

“Are you full of it!?”  Gremlin nods his head right proudly.

That old man eyed him up and down then said, “Well….then MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”

They looked at each other for a split second, then Gremlin snapped his eyes back to me… “SEE?!?!?!?!”

What am I thankful for this season?…Drunk old men.


  1. Oh, just what you needed….and from a “tooth challenged” older gentlemen. ACK!

  2. Merry Christmas, Gi! You better? When you coming up?

  3. That is HILARIOUS!!!

    I wondered why he kept asking where Santa was at the parade the other day! JK.

    Maybe you should mention the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and all the cheerleaders that are in it! He really likes those girls in short skirts!

  4. Ahahahaha. Poor Gigi! That Murfins sounds like a place I would love!

  5. I believe I’d rather enjoy lunch with you–is next week looking promising, maybe next Friday? Lemme know…either Friday or Monday. I’ll call Cat tomorrow IF she answers that dang phone. She’s so busy! But she’s got a Grand Prix rental car, so I think she’ll drive.

  6. Where’s your WW? I’m hitting the shower right now and I shall call our working mamma! xo The Gidge

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