WW – Not before my coffee…

November 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


 by SIL, WeeLittleSoul (don’t let the “wee” fool ya!)


  1. Cute birdie! Happy ww.

  2. At first I was “okay…a newspaper”, but then I saw the birdie and was “awwww”…..Happy WW!

  3. sweet find love that do you think he read it?

  4. How sweet. Did you have to run and get the camera to catch that one or were you already prepared?

    Be sure to join us for Flaunt It Fridays. I think you’d like it.

  5. That’s not your porch!

  6. Hehehe, that’s adorable!

  7. That bird looks rather, peeved! Fun picture! happy ww!!!

  8. cute photo!!

  9. I loved talking with you tonight–and I can’t wait to say “pretty…..very pretty….” Oh yeah.

  10. Cool shot! Photographing birds is tough!

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