In case you were wondering…

November 8, 2007

Ear drops can not replace eye drops to get the red out.

..and Yes, it hurts like the dickens.

No, I didn’t do it on purpose…

…Yes, I feel and look stupid.



  1. Oh my. My grandpa made this same mistake once, but he was elderly… not that I’m insinuating anything 😉 Love ya Gigi – hope your eyes clear up very soon!

  2. OUCH!!! I hope that you are seeing clearly soon. Clear enough to read labels…lol!!! No, really I hope you are OK!

  3. Oh my gosh GiGi, that’s very bad! Are you okay? I can see how that happens believe it or not. The little droppers should be different. In fact, a good friend of mine put some sort of fungal drops from her husband’s cabinet into her son’s eyes and felt awful for it. (and so did the boy, who is fine now, lol) Her name starts with a Gi too.

    Feel better, Gi ~Gidget

  4. Holy Crap! I hope I never fall off stage and you are the one that administers CPR! I’m laughing with you not at you!

  5. Ouch.


  7. Ouch!! At least you got rid of your eye wax.


  8. Yikes! When I floss with peppermint floss, then I take my contacts out it feels like my eye just had a peppermint pattie!

  9. They don’t hate you, no way! They have no idea I’m bootin them out, hehe.

    PS-when you have time to give Trinity a hug, she’s having a hard week. And check out the comment by Aristocrat, what do you make of that? I went over and said hello to the Aristocrat; you know me, always makin friends and stuff.

  10. No preachin today, nope. It’s okay, I preached a ton to Aristocrat, hehe!

    How’re you doing? Email me or comment me, even better, call me tomorrow late afternoon. Whichever. xo


  11. I’m guessin that hurts like the dickens! Sorry!!!!!!!!

  12. GIGI… how are you doing?! Are you feeling better now? Ah, Stacey is here to tell you about me and you came over my blog despite of your eyes hurt? Thank you very much! *hugs*

    Both of you are really kind! I am so blessed!

    Btw, Stacey I hope aristocrat doesn’t harm you… he is not friendly!

  13. Ouch!! I do thank you for testing that out for the rest of us though. 😉

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