TT – Rita

November 8, 2007




Rita was our first Aiya (pronounced ‘i-ya’) – helps around the house – when we moved to Madras.  I was 11 (obviously awkward stage!) so you can imagine how short she was.  She preferred playing with us kids than cleaning.  She was such an odd duck.  I guess gum wasn’t real heard of in the poorer areas, because every time she saw us chewing and blowing bubbles, she would throw up her arms and run to my Mum screaming, “AAAHHHHH, No plastic ma, no plastic!!”  If she wasn’t doing that, she was wanting me to twirl her around.  She was 48!  Oiy.

She didn’t last very long, but definitely made an impression on me!


  1. She’s so cute! I’d spin that little gal around in a heartbeat, lol. Very funny image. And your brother, the famous one, love the green feet, Gi.

  2. She IS very cute! I love the photo, and what a fun time you must have had in Madras! I’ve got a photo up of me when I was 13!!

  3. 😀

  4. She’s adorable. But, of course you are just absolutely beautiful in this photo… akward? GiGi? Nevahhh!

  5. Hey hot stuff–guess what!!! My bi-focals are innnn, must have been your comment. I’m going to make dinner, go get ’em and get back here and type until like midnight because I’m that cool.

    Signed Gidget, your baby fat faced basketball head friend who’d put lipstick on your lips anytime!

  6. she sound like alot of fun
    Great throwback sorry didn’t get to it yesterday i ran out of computer time

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