Freedom of Speech? Oh shut up….

November 13, 2007

With Veteran’s Day, I read a lot of posts honoring service men and women.  Most of them were very heartfelt and made me think.  The major theme was the fact that we have freedom because of what veteran’s have done for our country.

What was interesting was that I never came across a blog that mocked Veteran’s Day.  Apparently those people were too busy using their “freedom of speech” to comment on other people’s blogs.  Some were down right obnoxious.  Kind of hacked me off to be honest.  Some chick by the name of Sarah (no blog indicated for me to link to) needed some attention so she abused her freedom of speech to hack away at a post that Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer wrote.

My thoughts?

1.  I don’t care of you are Anon or not…if you have an issue with something that somebody wrote, then write about it on your blog and link to the “offending” site….don’t steal their space and call it freedom of speech.  I’m pretty sure when our veterans fought for our rights it wasn’t for your personal ranting and ravings.  It was for justice and you, Sarah, are not just.

2.  The best comment I read was, “…hey, if you can’t stand behind our troops yourself, I understand and hope you’ll stand in front of them instead.”

I completely believe in lifting our soldiers (past, present and future) up in prayer, but I love the idea of doing something more tangible.  For me, I’m choosing to use my freedom of speech to send some of our Christmas cards to the following:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Med. Ctr.
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington DC  20307-5001

Good cheer and a hearfelt thank you can heal so many wounds.



  1. Go GiGi….sing it girlfriend! That’s horrendous behavior you spoke of, and it’s very sad. I’m glad you blogged about that (and well done!). I don’t think I knew that was going on. Not shocked, though.

    I will join you in this endeavor my dear friend. Thank you for the information. If it’s okay, I’ll post it (the address) on my blog too, let me know. Whoever wrote that response, the gooood one, let me know, I’d love to go over and link up. xoxo

  2. Thanks for this GiGi!

  3. GiGi girl, I forgot to comment her, I got so caught up in the man marrying the dog that I was in deep thought. Like later that night…do you think? Naww, that’s weird.

    PS–I hurt my arm. My other wrist is sore. Help, Gi, I’m falling apart one dang limb at a time.

  4. I hear it now………. “glory, glory hallelujah………….”

    speak it, sister!

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