To your good health

November 20, 2007

I was tagged with a very interesting meme by Trinity.  It’s Health and Beauty Tips.

Honestly…I immediately thought of fashion, but you know?  Right now it seems, health and fashion does not go hand in hand.  Between what was already on the list and the holiday we’re celebrating this week, I thought of this tip:

Share yourself.

Nothing can make you glow more than when you give of yourself to someone in need.  Unless you’re pregnant and we won’t go there.

Maybe it’s giving special time to a child or the elderly.  Maybe you can secretly bless someone struggling.  I know this.  The best way to uplift your life is to uplift some else.



Copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.) Share one of your own health tip (tip on how to be more healthy) with others and add on the numbers below. Try to make your tip short but informative. Tag at least 2 person.
1. Be happy – Everyday health and beauty
2. Cherish your health : If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyoud what you can improve, get help. – Anggie and Jeremy Boy Online Journal.
3. Count your blessing – Trinity of Rooms of My Heart*
4. Share yourself – Girl Gone Wild – BibleStyle



TAG:  I think Stacey (haven’t tagged you in awhile!) and Misty Dawn might have some good tips to give.


  1. What kind of sharing are you doing? I’m sure I’m interested, but I need details!

    Speaking of sharing–my bff, choose the purse YOU want, then bring me the other. You’ll want it as well, but tough-it! Ooooh bring yours, though, we can photograph ourselves. And stuff.

    I’ll call you tomorrow because it’s evening and although MY hubby isn’t home until late, I figured you might want to be with yours. I’m like that. So tomorrow. After my dental. xoxo

  2. Yes, I’m with Stacey – exactly what kind of sharing of ourselves should we do? hmmm… and why did being pregnant matter? Now, I’m seriously intrigued.

  3. GIGI! You’ve got mail! Yayyy!!!! I check my email when I was sleeping as usual and find that great news.. I hope you were able to contact Stacey.. 😀

    By the way girls (oops we are not girls anymore) share anything you love… including tips about how to be healthy and beautiful physically..that will be fine.. 😉 I am not a kind of woman who love to dress up so I can’t give you tips like that.. hehehe.. may be… drink much pure water everyday? hahaha..

  4. I’m thinking I’m thinking! Geesh I honestly just wanna say don’t have teenagers. That’s beautiful. Yeah, I might do that.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Gi, I will call you tomorrow tomorrow I’ll call you tomorrow its always a day away………………………………………………………………………you better still come–I’m up another 5 and I need support. Or someone to point and laugh, that’ll help too!

  7. Gi seriously! This blog is boring me to tears this week. What can you do to liven it up…say…idk…..hmmmmm, thinking, I’m thinking……PUT UP A NEW POSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    But that’s just my thought..

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