Lights are up!

November 25, 2007

Well, at least on this blog it is.  Don’t even get me started on how out of sorts I feel because of the lack of holiday deco at my IRL house!  By now my house would be decked out to the max.  This year?  We haven’t even brought the boxes down from the attic….grrrrrr.  I may have to take matters into my own hands.  Scary, ya’ll, scary.

No matter…I’ve decked my blog and had a ton o’fun doing it.  I really wanted to do the white trash redneck thing, but there were WAY too many blogs with that same idea.  What does that tell ya?? I needed to get ready for some blog changes anyway.  Stay tuned for a new look and name sometime around the first of the year.  I think the name of my blog right now is freaking too many people out.  It’s a shame really.  I was talking with ‘the Gidge’ one night and telling her some of my ideas.  She asked me a very important question, “Are you trying to attract the coffee bloggers or the bible-thumpers?”  After I laughed my bootie off I realized she was right.  There are a ton of people that fit into those two categories.  And I’m not interested in either.  I just want real people who I “get”.  And that’s ya’ll!  SO I hope you’ll give me the thumbs up on the newness after the holidays.

Of course with my new holiday cheer I had to link up over at Marie and Stacey’s non-contest-contest site.  You don’t have to do much to link up.  Shoot….you could probably grab any old picture off the net to sign up.  I don’t think they’re too picky….just the more the merrier!  (Don’t you love their little button over here to the right?….pretty creative!)



  1. GIGI–this is fabulous, I LOVEEE it! Seriously love it…you’re very good at this. awww now I wanna go back and redo. I almost did blue, blue’s more my color. Blue and/or green. But now that I’ve started rebuilding what I dang lost, I’m not even going there until January at least!

    I’m a Bible thumper. I AM! I wasn’t gonna say nothin until you got up here, then I was gonna get you sat down and thump that wild right outta you! And then we’d have coffee! (hee)

    Thanks for the plug for the contest, and I shore do hope you winnnn winnn winn, Gi. You’re my favorite thing in MO, you know that, right? Oh, and we have NOTHING up either, you’re in good company. John and Alex have strep (I think) so I’m taking them to the clinic in the morning. Gi, John had GOT to get back to work, I’m very very tired of him being home. Is that wrong? If it is, on how many levels is this wrong? j/w

    xoxoxoxo The Gidge

  2. Love the christmas look on your blog.. I linked to you after reading this.. I had changed my blog up a bit for christmas yesterday but didn’t know about the Deck the Blogs things.. so besides mentioning them I also liked back to you as the blog I was reading when I heard about it..
    ~sigh~ I so hear ya on the real life lights. AT 1st we thought someone had took them all out of our garage.. now we found out it’s just my husband and his way of cleaning out the garage.. we found all but one bag of lights.. I got the tree set up and the lights on it and he hung all the lights outside except he needs more lights before he will turn them on. I went to have the kids decorate the tree.. ONLY to find our ornaments are not where I put them.. I don’t have a clue where they could be.. I wish DH would tell me when he goes and clean up the garage.. My tree has been up since Wednesday and still can’t find the ornaments. I want to cry.. there are some in there that was mine when I was a baby all all the ones the kids made and so on.. Praying that I’ll find them tomorrow when I go on the mad hunt for them.

  3. Stacey – I’m glad you like it. I so bad wanted to be tacky. After reading what happened to all your stuff I’m a bit nervous about the change to my new look!

    BTW: Didn’t I just read that Misty Dawn was your fav MO person?? Hmmmmmm….I think you’re a big ol’ mush!

  4. KC – Oh man, I hope you can find your ornaments. I’d be a mess if I lost all my memory items!

    Thanks for the link up!

  5. Your blog looks great! So very festive! I am just addding some bling to the sidebar on mine, since I just had my blog make over and all…

  6. You’re my fav Ozark Mountain Mo girl…you KNOW that, Gi. ALWAYSSSS! I’ll NEVAH say that again to anyone but you. xo

  7. GiGi, your blog looks awesome! Seriously in the spirit! I love it.

    No matter how many changes you make to your blog, I’ll be your faithful reader and bloggy friend 😉 I’ve got changes planned for my blog too, but I’m scared to death of messing something up – so wish me luck!

    Now, I’ve got to go stare at your beautiful banner so more – it’s just perfect!

    Oh btw – I think what Stacey meant to say was that I’m her favorite MO person who moved here from Ohio… ya see… totally different from what the two of you have 😉

  8. Just popped over from another blog….and love your Christmas look. If I tried to ‘deck’my blog out…I’d end up deleting the whole thing – I’m completely electronically challenged! BUT…I love your look – sweet! And I fall in the category of neither bible thumper or coffee blogger – I’m ‘just me’ – and I can be as real as it gets!

  9. If I spend the rest of my day thinking about you, I’ll be laughing so hard it hurts. It’ll be pure torcher. I mean it. Stop torchering me!!!!!!!!! GiGi I love you. I’m practically crying I’m laughing so hard, you did that on porpoise didn’t you?! xo

  10. For a split second I thought I’d clicked the wrong link, LOL. I like your decor. Almost puts me in a Christmas Spirit. Almost. I’m still pouting about not getting to come up there for Thanksgiving.

  11. I just HAD to stop by because you seriously have the coolest blog name EVER! ~Karlie

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