More 2007 Award Show

November 26, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining me, Bob Cheezmeister, for the More 2007 Award Show this evening!  Tonight we will be giving out 3 outstanding awards.  Due to outrageous over-time issues with our end-of-season football games, our time this evening has been shorten.  So let’s dive in!

Presenting our first award this evening is Jennifer Garner, wearing a beautiful, single-shoulder evening gown.


“Thank you so much, Bob!  I am honored to announce the winner of the Beautiful Blogger award tonight.  It comes from Trinity….rumor has it she has rooms in her heart.  And the winner is…GiGi!!  She can’t be here tonight as she is working hard on her next endeavor.  But she is very thankful for this beautiful award and can’t wait to display it proudly.”


 Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to award GiGi this incredible award.  And we’re not through folks!  Coming to give out the next award is your favorite and mine…Tom Hanks!


 “Thanks, Bob.  Our next award is very touching.  It talks about commited frienships…Best Blogging Buddies Award.  This was given to us by Misty Dawn who is so famous by her name alone!  To be honest folks, I’m a little hurt that I wasn’t nominated for this award, but….the winner is.  NO WAY…not her again!  GIGI!!!  Since she is obviously not here {….sigh…} her body double, Kate Walsh will be accepting this on GiGi’s behalf.  Yes, yes…lovely Kate…you’re MUCH too kind to her.  Bob?”              


Ahem…well.  Okay…that was brutal.  Moving on to our final award tonight, we are thrilled to have the comedy duo….the Wilson Brothers!!


“Thanks, Bob-a-matic!”

“Luke, that was stupid.”

“Shut up, Owen.  This isn’t about me tonight.  It’s about a very serious award.”

“Yeah, you’re right.  Folks, we get the awesome chance to give away the ‘Thank you for being my Friend’ award.  This is also given by Misty Dawn.”

“Wow…she’s really giving the love out tonight, huh Owen.”

“Do you contribute anything, Luke?”

“Absolutely!  I already peeked and saw who is winning this award and she’s hot!”

“What’s that got to do with being useful??”

“Well….I figured we could save the funny banter for another time and just get GiGi up here to get her award.”

“Luke!!!  You just gave it away!”

“Oh, Owen.  Everyone knows that GiGi was gonna win!  Geez, get your head out of the tabloids.”

“You’re funny, Luke.  If you weren’t being so funny you might have noticed that GiGi’s not here.”

“Wha….oh man.  I was kinda hoping to hook up with her for, you know, blogging advice.”

“…you’re such a loser, Luke….”


Somebody cue music!!!!

Bob back and wishing you a wonderful evening.  Thank you to all the sponsors who gave so much of themselves!  Good night and don’t forget to spade and neuter your pets! 


  1. A monster has been unleashed–ohhhhh my goodness!

    You know, you’d know about my new friend Conserav Chick 7 if you blogged more than once a week. And commenting on ten posts on that day doesn’t count.

    I remember that bottom photo–Cat and I were like ‘ohhh my gosh she’s hotttt’.

  2. That was THEeee best awards ceremony I’ve ever attended! Well He*l Tom Hanks was there!!! My fave!!! And to think – he gave out my award… I’m SO honored!

  3. LOL…LOL..LOL…. GIGI… you post it well!!! 🙂 Jennifer Garner spread a rumour about Trinity ya?! LOL..

    Congrats for the award GIGI…

    Ps. I wonder if you received the package in a good and proper shape? I hope it was not torn apart!

  4. GiGi, it’s almost 2, see? I’m very tired and I have another hour point five of typing to do. This because I blogged too long today. Help. Me!

  5. How imaginative are you? Great post by the way!

  6. LOL LOL LOL.. oh my goodness your cracking me up..
    this is the best.. Congrats on all your awards.

    GUESS what I found my ornaments.. The husband thought the black trash bag I stored them in was Trash.. now what on earth made him think that I’ll never know. 😉 I was out looking for them he was taking trash to the street when I stopped him on the off chance that maybe one of those many bags were my ornaments… SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD I stopped him.. So my tree is now up and decorated.

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