Kids never listen!

November 27, 2007

 “How many times have I told you to stop jumping on the bed!”



  1. Gi you didn’t tell me you had a goat. I guess duhhh that’s standard in them thar hills! (hee) But very cute–I kinda want one now.

    I WAS indeed up until 3am and then up at 7:30 for more typing. It’s been silly busy here. But…my little sister, whom I haven’t spoken to in four years but have been emailing over the past month, called. And while we’re both leary of being hurt again, we tried to get three years of living into two hours of talking. We hung up at midnight and she went to bed–I went to work *sigh*.

    It’s okay, I’m awake and ready to roll–Alex and I are volunteering to help in the church office today, so I’m updating quickly and gone! xoxoxo Oooh I know…countdown…THATS what I’m doing. Come over in awhile and see!

  2. How cute! I loved watching this! What a cute little one!
    Thanks for visiting me at my new site!

  3. Hope that the fall didn’t hurt it…well, I guess that is what it gets for jumping on the bed…lol!!!

  4. when will they learn to listen 🙂

    To answer your question.. No that is not me and my sibs in the picture on the wall.. That was my kids, well 3 of them anyways.. Little Man wasn’t even thought of at that point. It was christmas 2002. I don’t have that picture online anywhere but I have another one taken the same day on my blog.. you can see it here http://tinyurl.com/2mwoto

  5. I’ve been known to have lambs in my bathtub (MANY lambs in my bathtub) over the past few years. But, I never put them on my bed!!!

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