I am WAY too involved…

November 30, 2007

I can’t believe how mentally/emotionally exhausted I am!

And it has nothing to do with me and my life.

One of my fav bloggers is Katie from Roses are Red, Violets are Violet and she is in the middle of adopting a little boy.  She has been writing about this for days now…meeting with the birth parents, shopping for little things, praying to God that the mother still goes through with it, etc. 

Well, yesterday Jacob was born.  Today is the day that the birthparents sign over parental rights to Katie and her family.  It’s so stinkin’ nerve-wracking!  Even through the emotional up and down roller-coaster of adopting she has always maintained that she wants God’s will in the outcome.

Please go on over to Katie’s and spill some love on her blog.  This will be a long 24-hours for her while she waits to hear if the birthparents have signed the papers or not.  Even after they sign, she still has to wait 14 days to actually have their son in hand.

I can’t even imagine…. 



  1. Done–GiGi, you are a big-hearted girl, I love you, and I’ve been over there.

    And I’m gonna love ya without makeup too, but I can’t join you in that. I NEED my makeup to detract some from the muffin top. Can you start bronzing now? If you get facial bronzer, it’ll set in by then…and maybe get the eyeliner tats. That’ll help. (hee)

    Love you, and sorry I’ve been so absent this week, it’s been insane. xoxo

  2. Wow, I can totally empathize. My SIL has gone through four failed adoptions. It is a crazy roller coaster. I hope your friends have a positive experience.

  3. Today I clean…for you. Because you can’t see the dirt, but you’ll know its there even with blinders on.

  4. Oh my gosh – I can’t imagine either! I’m heading over there, and I’ll definitely keep her in my prayers and thoughts.

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