1 day and counting…

December 5, 2007


In case you were wondering….


And in case you were also wondering…no, I’m not going for hair removal surgery…get it?  The bearded guy?

 …oh never mind…..



  1. Um, your bearded guy is wearing an LSU hat!


    If so, funny.

    If not, VERY funny.

  2. Oh….well, crap a brick!


  3. No, Gi, we know you’re not going for hair removal surgery, pshh! But hey…I looked around and Kohls is all out of the D cup in the “Angel-Lace-Plunge” style–you want me to look around? xo

  4. Have a ton ‘o fun w/ Stacey! D and I are jealous!

  5. Gigi, don’t forget to bring the bag for Stacey!!

  6. Stacey- GIRL! Don’t I wish I was “moving on up”!

    B.S. – Sure with you guys could play with us too!

    Don’t worry, Trinity. The bags are packed and I’m letting her pick which one she likes the best!

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