So much to say, but…

December 11, 2007

I’m exhausted.

See, I’ve been too busy laughing at Stacey over at her blog.  She’s a bit excited don’t ya think??

 (hee, hee…love ya, Gidget!)

I want to write about the lack of surgery.

I want to write about one of the most relaxing weekends we’ve had in ages.

I want to write about Stacey.


When we got into town my husband bought me an early Christmas present and this present has been a handful…


Right now she is at the vet hospital with a stomach problem that is now involving the Center of Disease Control.  Long story and I’m just too dang pooped (pun intended) to get any thoughts together.

Before I go, please know that yes, Stacey was a peach.  Cat was sassy fun.  And I have a ton of pictures to show.  So she’s not the only one that had a blast and wants to brag.

 If all goes well and my new puppy is still alive I’ll be back…



  1. Alright then. Better!

    GiGi, I’m so sorry about all this…and I’ll call in a day or two to check on teacup GiGi (we think highly of ourself, eh?). My heart goes out to you guys, especially the boys–can’t imagine how disappointed they must feel right now. xo

  2. You could very well be the most unlucky person I know! But you maintain your sense of humor through it all and I’d hang out with you any day despite it all!

    Sitting in your driveway last night, A-man realized we were at Gremlin’s house. I was pretty impressed. Since it was dark and he has only been there one other time. A-man went a little nuts so I did what any good mother would do … I lied and said Gremlin was in bed!

    Best wishes to all the Gigi’s in the world!

  3. What a cute little one! I hope all works out with him!

  4. It’s a Puppppppppppppy!!! In case you didn’t know this GiGi, I kind of like puppies… just a little bit 😉
    She’s absolutely adorable, and I hope she is OK – please keep us updated!

  5. She’s precious!!!!! I hope she is OK!

  6. What a sweet present! I hope she’s doing better now!

    Can’t wait to hear your version of the fantastic weekend you had at Stacey’s.

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