WW – Mad Eye Moody

December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday




  1. If my A-man sees your dog, it’s all over! This morning he saw pugs on TV and it started. Within 30 minutes he not only wanted a dog, but a sister too!

  2. GiGi, your namesake is beautiful, adorable, cuddly wuddly, fuzzy wuzzy and just dang cute! She looks like a Gidget to me, but you know, that’s just me…..

    Happy WW my friend (and post stealer). xoxo

  3. PS–J says he’s gettin all buff and muscle-clad for lately, lifting and lifting and lifting. Am I having another hot flash or is it just getting hot in the room?

  4. STACEY!!!!!! You’re crazy!

  5. Awww… She is way too precious! I want one! Is she all better now?

  6. She is definitely better and that stinkin’ ball of fluff is wearing me out!

  7. awe how adorable… so cute..

  8. Great picture of a cute little pup! My hubby used to have a dog like this.

  9. Oh my goodness! That puppy is adorable!!

  10. how cute…….can I borrow ?gorgeous photos, Mine is up at 4Seasonsofmylife. Hope you can visit me too.

  11. Oh, so cute!

  12. Oh, so cute!

  13. She is precious!!!!!!!

  14. I so totally want a doggie like yours! yes, I know I have three… but what would one more hurt? I mean seriously? One like that is so little, it’d hardly take up any room at all. Besides – could it be any more freaking adorable? Seriously – if I end up sneaking another puppy in this house – I’m blaming it all on you!

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