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Takin’ on the fat!

August 21, 2007

Tales from the Scales

 I did it! I did it! I did it! 

I’ve lost 10 lbs since we started this challenge!!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was even confirmed by a doctor’s visit last week (I’m always heavier on their scales than my own!).  I’m so excited that I’ve lost that weight, but I guess I’m not completely done, because my favorite jeans still don’t fit me the way I’d prefer.

So I’m still at it, but I’m going to add some strength fitness to my routine now.  It’ll help with the toning and shaping.

Off to email Tales from the Scales, for my new star!!!


Challenging the fat

August 14, 2007

Tales from the Scales

 I am SHOCKED yet proud of myself, for this past week.  I got up at 5:30 every morning and walked my neighborhood.  I didn’t even set my alarm.  (I knew my coffee craving would wake me up…..{sad grin})  It’s amazing the energy that I had all day long just from getting my “juices” flowing at the beginning of the day!  I got a lot done around the house because of it.  Two fold win right there!

The other thing I conquered was the soda thing.  I didn’t touch soda all week.  I thought I would reward myself on Saturday with an ice cold Diet Pepsi with crushed ice, but by the end of the cup my belly didn’t feel so hot.  It’s weird how 1 week away from it made that much of a difference.  I’m thrilled though.

I had a really rough weekend (despite meeting Stacey!) so I didn’t do as well, but I’m not too worried as I’m already back into the groove.  Feels great!


Still challanging it

August 7, 2007

Tales from the Scales

I haven’t gained nor have I lost, but I consider that a win since I feel about as bloated as a dead cow.  Man, nothing bites more than PMS on a hot day!  It’s so bad out there and all my boys want to do is go outside and ride their bikes.  I never thought the good Lord could use the weather guy to answer my prayers!  Weatherman Brandon told us to not go outside unless we had too cause the heat index was a killer.  Thank you Jesus and Brandon!  So instead we stayed inside and had a Lego’s Star Wars fight to beat all!  I’m sure I lost all kinds of calories on that war.

On a side note:  To the idiot who made it seem like he was coming from Tales from the Scales and thought he was doing me a favor by wham-blasting me for having a Tales from the Scales widget in my sidebar….I don’t have the widget there for you, nor am I trying to influence the thousands of little girls that read my blog.  Here’s a wild thought ~ I do it for me.


The Challange – I’m back…maybe

July 31, 2007

So I was checking up on my Bloglines and saw the Katie was up and back on the Tales from the Scales Weigh In.  I felt a TAD bit guilty for not following through on this weight-loss thing.  I’ve been discouraged about this weight thing for weeks.  It drives me me batty to check my weight.  I get about as obsessive as checking my sitefeeder!  As if my weigh will go down and stay down every 2 hours!!!

SO!  I’m going to get back at it and see what I can do for the next 7 weeks.  I’m probably not going to weigh myself every week…more like every other week.  That way I can focus on WHAT I’m doing vs. what it LOOKS like I’m doing.

 Watch out ya’ll…I’m motivated!


The Food Network is of the Devil!

June 26, 2007

How on God’s green earth am I suppose to lose weight when The Food Network makes it look so easy to cook such incredibly delicious dishes?!?!  Of course one of my favorites is that Paula woman…and she can’t cook without adding either 2 sticks of butter or a pound of cream cheese.  AND I just happen to have both in my fridge.  AND it wouldn’t be very frugal of me to let it go to waste sooooooo….

Needless to say, I gained some MORE weight, but I also lost some.  I exercised ya’ll!  So all in all I’m down .8 pounds. 

It sounded like we all had a hard time last week….how are we doing this week??


Recipe Exchange – Side Dish

June 20, 2007

Tales From The Scales is having a recipe exchange for the next couple of Wednesdays.  Today is for side dishes.  Here’s one that I like:

Herbed Vegetables

4-5 c. veggies (carrots, yellow squash, peas, red pepper, broc, caulif, etc)
1/2 c. chicken stock
Mrs. Dash Table Blend
Salt and pepper

Warm up the chicken stock in a skillet (high heat), then throw in the veggies.  Sprinkle the veggies with as much Table Blend as you like (personally I use about 2 T.), salt and pepper to taste, then cook it till you have the tenderness you desire.

This is one of those recipes you can’t mess up.  It’s all about how ever you prefer it.  My kids are picky eaters, but they love the veggies with the table blend on them.  Easy side dish!


The Challange – week 6

June 19, 2007

Know what I learned today?  When pigs eat too much and become obese, they are called “fat blind”.  Basically they’ve eaten so much food that the fat in their face hangs over their eyes and they can’t see a dang thing.  Apparently there’s nothing wrong with their nose cause they keep finding the trough and adding to their fat face!

 Now…what does this immensely interesting information have to do with The Challange?  I, myself, have become “fat blind”.  I have gained 3 lbs and I’m convinced that it’s all in my lids and it’s blinding me from my end results.

I’ve been doing good on the water, I’ve laid off the fried food and as you all know, I’ve been a dancin’ fool.  But I’m apparently missing something!  I think maybe it’s time to step up the exercising.  But I just don’t see how people can do it in this weather!!!  It’s 120 degrees out there with 500 percent humidity!  How do you all do it?!?

I think it’s awesome how well people are doing on this Challange from Tales from the Scales, but I’d sure like to contribute to the positive side of it. 

Well, time to quit my whining, get off my duff, clip back the fat lids, and sweat it out!