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Bottled tears

December 14, 2007

I was attending a dear friend’s funeral years ago, when the preacher said that it has been scientifically proven that each type of tear is chemically different from the rest.  A tear of joy is built different than a tear of pain.  That just spoke to me because when I see someone cry I always visualize God catching each and every one of those tears and keeping them in a jar. 

And I’ve kept God busy this week.

Wednesday night my husband was fired from his position at the church.  There was no moral failure nor was there any other type of unethical acts from my husband.  But it just wasn’t a “fit”.  We saw it coming but not like this and not 2 weeks before Christmas.  They want to help us through the holidays but even that comes with stipulations.

So that’s the hurtful and painful side of it.  The amazing side is we’ve had a day and half to see God move in ways that we so desperately needed to see.  We needed Him to get in our face and tell us, “I know…..let me take care of you.”  We really had no idea just how many people loved us at the church.  We have many friends there, but we’ve never really had the chance to sit down and take account of ALL our blessings.  The phone calls have been overwhelming.  We have literally spent almost every waking (and some not so waking) hour on the phone with concerned people.  We’ve actually ended up having to encourage a lot of them to keep their focus on God and not on this situation.  We are rich with friendships and personally, I’ve never been in that situation.

I came on and checked my blog today and was floored by the comments!  Your kind words and prayers have physically brought me to my knees.  I now know just how much it means for people to receive words of encouragement on their blogs while going through challanges.  Thank you so much for teaching me that very valuable lesson.

I have no idea what we will do next but for right now we will be spending time with family and friends and enjoying the holidays…..focusing our thoughts on anything and everything but us.

And for me I get a chance to work on my new blog, and I’m WAY past due on adding some good Stacey and Cat photo’s on here.  So come on back tomorrow and I’ll have that up….I’m ready to put my bottled tears up for awhile and just have some fun.


For those hard to buy people

December 4, 2007

We all have those kind of people in our lives.  Shoot, it may be you!  In the process of looking for great Christmas finds on the net, I have stumbled across incredibly unique gifts.

Without further ado….

For the guy who has everything:

1.  Duct tape wallet – purty, purty, shiny, shiny.  (And to make it extra special, don’t forget to have it gift boxed for only $4.50!)

2. Mothership cufflinks – be ready for the invasion!

3. Classy wino bag – he can be green, drunk, and stylish all at the same time.

For the gal who has everything:

1.  Body necklace – maybe a gift Drew Peterson got from his cousin!


 2.  Saucy tampon cases – 2 words that should NEVER go together: saucy and tampon….HELLO!

3.  Gnome kidnapping sculpture – nothing says ‘Live, Love and Laughter’ like this garden accessory.


I am WAY too involved…

November 30, 2007

I can’t believe how mentally/emotionally exhausted I am!

And it has nothing to do with me and my life.

One of my fav bloggers is Katie from Roses are Red, Violets are Violet and she is in the middle of adopting a little boy.  She has been writing about this for days now…meeting with the birth parents, shopping for little things, praying to God that the mother still goes through with it, etc. 

Well, yesterday Jacob was born.  Today is the day that the birthparents sign over parental rights to Katie and her family.  It’s so stinkin’ nerve-wracking!  Even through the emotional up and down roller-coaster of adopting she has always maintained that she wants God’s will in the outcome.

Please go on over to Katie’s and spill some love on her blog.  This will be a long 24-hours for her while she waits to hear if the birthparents have signed the papers or not.  Even after they sign, she still has to wait 14 days to actually have their son in hand.

I can’t even imagine…. 


…and I think I’ve got it rough?

November 14, 2007




Craft fairing for Dumbies

October 22, 2007


I’ve experienced a lot of cultures, but going to a craft fair in Arkansas takes the cake.

There was serious Christmas shopping going on.  The parking was nuts and so were the people, but this is what I learned at War Eagle:

1.  Exhibitors are no dumbies.  They know how to take advantage of big store consumers.  Every toy booth had signs like the following:

Our crafts have been painted with lead-free paint!

Smart little hillbillies!

2.  There are some really unique ideas (and I took advantage of those) and there are some down right DUMB ideas (and I laughed at those).  Nothing was as dumb as the people who were buying duck tape wallets from a guy at the Apple Butter Festival for $5.00!!!  I am NOT kidding you!  Or as wacky as the guy that took his beer bottles and made hummingbird feeders out of them.  That’s what I want…a bunch of drunk hummingbirds swirly-giggin’ in my front yard!!

3.  People will get vicious to park in a handicapped spot then walk for 8 hours to get the best deal on some copper cat-tail rain chimes!  Or better yet, they come with a motorized scooter and run over the toes of 110,000 impatient shoppers!

4.  The food!!!  I’ve never seen so much food!  Foot-long corn dogs, strawberry crepes,  choco-dipped cheesecake on a stick,…just about EVERYTHING was on a stick and cost my right arm to eat it…but it was YUM!

4.  As crazy as it was, I found some great, unique gifts like this shirt:


 Can you believe it?!?!?!

I had a blast with some great gals. 

There was Hot-Mama ‘D’ who put up with a car full of 30-somethings acting like a bunch of 10 year old boys (did you know that there is a creek called Spanker Creek that butts up to Beaver lake??)

Ginger – she is my dear sweet friend who has a side to her that ROCKS!  She’s a trip!  “Good girl”…my fanny! 

Now ‘J’….she is a girl after my own heart…prego and ready to chow at any time..!  I never want to leave a prego-girlfriend in the lurch when it comes to feeding the baby.  I ate for her….REALLY!

There was Crazy Coco who ended up being my bed mate…and who was the queen of sarcasm…I’ve learned a whole new line of vocabulary from her!

Thanks ya’ll for giving me some great memories and laughs!


Gloom, despair and agony on me!

September 21, 2007

I love Hee Haw.  I grew up cracking up laughing at that show…even those “weird” jokes that I really didn’t get, but my folks were laughing so hard that I just KNEW it had to be hilarious so I cracked a rib over it.  My favorite part was when the guys would get together and sing:

Gloom, despair and agony on me.
Deep dark depression, pain and misery….

Somehow, seeing a bunch of hillbillies singing that song is down right funny!  So as I tell you the strange things afoot in the Ozarks, I dedicate this to my fav hillbillies of all time.

So what is afoot you ask?

See this innocent little butterfly…


Well, he ain’t so innocent as he looks.  And yes, I call him, ‘Mr. Butterfly’ for a reason.  I’ve been working in the yard for 2 days….like a bit of a mad woman really.  And I don’t just mean mowing.  I mean, sharpening anything that should be sharp.  Cutting away anything that looks remotely dead.  Trimming up every bush within an 10 mile radius.  I feel like I’m having a bad case of nesting syndrome….I could drop a kid any day now!

Uh, Butterfly, right….so I was sitting on the ground with OldMan discussing the proper way I should sharpen my edger, when Mr. Butterfly decided to pay a visit.  We froze immediately, hoping of all hopes that he would land on one of us.  It took him FOREVER to decide who to land on but in the end I was the honored one.  He actually took a liking to my watch.  (“pretty-pretty, shiney-shiney”)  I got bored and went on sharpening the edger and that bugger wouldn’t leave!  All of a sudden, OldMan said, “Uh, mom?  I think he just peed on you.”  Sure as shootin, there was a tiny bit of cloudy pee on my watch.  Then Mr. Butterfly started jerking around a lot.  I started thinking, “Cloudy pee?  Oh crap…that’s not pee!”  Ewwwww!!!!  What a male thing to do to my watch!  So when it comes time for me to give OldMan the “talk”, it’s going to be about The Butterflies, the Birds, the Bees and the Watch.

You would think that being “inked” was bad enough, but when I say gloom, despair and agony on me…I mean it.  Check these photos out:


Now the pathetic reasons for those babies.  Picture 1 is from…well, I have absolutely no idea.  And it doesn’t hurt a bit!  But isn’t that an odd place for a bruise?!?  Picture 2 is of the back of my right leg-pit.  It’s there because I crossed my leg too long…basically.  I come from a family that couldn’t circulate their own blood to save their lives.  So when I put a crink in it….it lets me know how unhappy it is.  You can imagine what a pain in the butt THAT can be.

And lastly, my mum’s hair has finally all come out (save about 15 pieces of stub).  How has it all come out so quick?  My father has been putting packing tape on her head and ripping it off!!!  They’re such party animals.  Geez, parents are so embarrassing.  But it gets worse.  In honor of her beautifully slick head, she got dad to take a picture of her with a light bulb in her mouth.  Long lives Uncle Festor!!!  I want SO BAD to post this picture as it is probably the most funniest thing I have ever seen, but she won’t let me.  I believe her response was, “Is nothing sacred on your blog?!?!”  No, mum…it’s not.


Ode to the crazy Danish woman

August 28, 2007

Gma Marie

Sunday morning, J got the call this his grandmother passed away.   We knew it was coming.  She had been diagnosed with Acute Leukemia a month earlier.  Pneumonia kept slipping into her lungs.  On August 26, 2007, while J was talking to the kids in Missouri about his sassy grandma, in Florida, she was raising her arms to heaven and saying, “I want to see my Jesus” and she was gone before her arms fell back to her side.

I could say that Marie was a spunky lady, but that seems to do her no justice.  This woman made me want to pull my hair out one minute then the next she’s making me pee my pants cause she’s cracking me up so hard!  She had some wacked out ideas and ways:

1. I remember talking with her about hair.  She went once a week to her “beautician” to get her hair done; either colored, cut or just plain “done up”.  She never did her own and wouldn’t wash it in between.  I told her I wished I could afford to get my hair done more often and she asked me what I paid.  Lordy!  I thought she was going to cast the hair demon out of me right then and there!  “WHY in the world would you give that kind of money to someone who just does hair?  You tip?!?!?  Oh, I NEVER.  It’s their job.  If they don’t like it enough to do it without a tip, then they should just get out!  Jesus help ’em.”

2. That woman loved Jesus, but I think the devil took over her soul when she played Euchre or Zonko.  She was conniving and greedy!  And she kicked our tail-ends every. single. game. 

3.  She was a mama to everyone.  Doesn’t matter how old or young.  She would drive me nuts when it came to feeding my babies.  She would ALWAYS over feed them and then tell me it’s healthy for them to puke half of it up!  On the other hand, nobody can jiggle gas out of a baby better than Marie!! 

I miss picking on you, Marie…I miss you picking on me…kind of.  Marie, I know that you are finally where you so dearly wanted to be.  I’m happy you no longer have to feel discomfort and anxiety.  You are loved by your family….Howard’s heart is breaking every minute without you.  Better get your mansion in order cause I’m sure he’ll join you soon.  Love, your awnry granddaughter-in-law….Jen

**J will be officiating the funeral so I’ll be out more than in this week.