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TT – Rita

November 8, 2007




Rita was our first Aiya (pronounced ‘i-ya’) – helps around the house – when we moved to Madras.  I was 11 (obviously awkward stage!) so you can imagine how short she was.  She preferred playing with us kids than cleaning.  She was such an odd duck.  I guess gum wasn’t real heard of in the poorer areas, because every time she saw us chewing and blowing bubbles, she would throw up her arms and run to my Mum screaming, “AAAHHHHH, No plastic ma, no plastic!!”  If she wasn’t doing that, she was wanting me to twirl her around.  She was 48!  Oiy.

She didn’t last very long, but definitely made an impression on me!


TT – Futuristic Fashion

October 25, 2007




 That’s one hot chicky-mama, huh?!

I was in 9th grade and starting to peek the rebellious teenage phase.  My school was having an Era Themed party.  Everyone was supposed to dress up from the 50’s, 60’s 70’s, etc.  That’s sounded SOOOOO boring to me, so I dressed for the Millinium.  This is what I thought people in the year 2000 would wear.  The white hooded cape is a fitted bed sheet (glamorous!).

Somehow the local paper (Muskogee Pheonix) got wind of it and came to take pictures.  The oh-so professional photographer got me wiping crumbs from my face.  The caption even said that was what I was doing!  When I saw this in the paper, I was a little embarrassed of the pose but completely satisfied that they chose my outfit over the other dull ones….(Take THAT, Mr. Purdue!!!)


TT – me and the guys

October 11, 2007





I love this photo of my Dad, brothers and myself.  It was taken in 1974.  My dad has a cast “thingy’ on his hand because he had a hot car engine accident.  It was as painful as it sounds!  I was two and remember it!

Is it just me or do I look a little disheveled…?


TT – OldMan

October 4, 2007



My oldest son, OldMan, has been worrying this mama recently.  Since he’s already occupying my head I might as well as feature him on my Throwback Thursday.

As with most 7 YO’s, he trying to figure out his place in this world (and driving his mom crazy in the process).  He’s been such a space cadet and he can’t figure out what he wants half the time.  He feels pulled between what his childhood side wants and what he thinks is “cool”.  So half the time I find him staring off into space.  If he was a teenager, I’d have his urine tested for pot.  Geez….


This is OldMan at 2.  He was all about doing whatever his fun mama wanted to do.  He was a hoot.


To show you how easy he was to please…he even thought picking up dog poop was fun(with his GreatAunt)!

Not so much now though.

Go figure.


TT – Graduation Day

September 27, 2007




Who – Me, Hulkman, Famous Bro, Missy (English Springer Spaniel)
When – 1988
Where – Oklahoma
Why – Hulkman’s “graduation” day.  He had gone as far as he could in school and dearly wanted to graduate.  Talked with the school and he along with 700 kids donned their caps and gowns and bid farwell to high school.  He was one proud guy…..And so were we!


TT – Grandma

September 20, 2007



Ya’ll, meet Grandma.  She’s the best grandma in the whole wide world.  Period.  In 1991, when I was being a uh….”free spirit”, I was able to stay with her and Gpa for about 2 months.  It was wonderful.

I’m not a big hugger, but she is one of those people that you can’t seem to get enough hugs from her.  You just melt right into her.  I don’t get to see her as much now (like hardly ever), and with my schedule I don’t even get to talk to her as much as I’d like.  But I love her dearly.  My relationship with Gma and Gpa has been an anchor that I so dearly needed my whole life.

(Love you, Gma!  I got the letter in the mail yesterday…what a shocker!!  I was such a drama-mama little 10-year-old.  I read it to the boys and they got a kick out of it.)


TT – Time for School Pictures

September 13, 2007


 (Only my thumbnails are working this morning, so please feel free to click to enlarge.)



In honor of OldMan getting his pictures taken this week, I thought I’d throw one of mine up.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to find my 2nd grade pic (ahem….it’s not about what it looks like….really.) so here’s me in 1st grade.  Don’t I look all shy?  (Either that or that funky bow thing is choking me to death)  Yeah, well here’s me 9 months later.


Outdoors is definitely more my element!  In the background you can see my woolly mammoth dad and my mother doing what she’s always done best. 

I absolutely LOVE this last picture cause I get a kick out of seeing some of the background items.  Like those thermoses (is that right?).  Do you remember those kind that you have to push a huge button on the top for the coffee to pour out?  Also, you’ll note that I was Pepsi girl waaaaaay back then too!

Man, I love these throwbacks!