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Not dead…just up to my eyeballs with family

January 2, 2008

Wow!  I feel like I’ve been away from life for weeks…oh yeah, I have!

Having a husband at home 24/7 changes one’s routine…

We had a great holiday…spent time with family and friends.  I’m bound and determined to have a great year this year.  We have a lot of changes in store for us.

 I started at my new job today.  Feels exhilirating!  I’m just one of those people that are meant to be a part of the work force.  I feel like I’m contributing to life and I’m educating myself daily.  It’s healthier for me and for my family.  J should hear something within the next day or so about a part-time gig.  If that works out then he’ll have the time to finish up his MBA.

I’m anxious to get some pics up on here.  My oldest surfer boy decided to cut all his hair off and “just be a boy”…and he is so dang handsome!

Because of the holiday maylay, I’m a little slower at getting my new blog up and running but stay tuned…