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Stacey’s house

December 15, 2007

My visit with Stacey (and Cat!) was so much fun!  It was also pretty relaxing…which was needed considering I found out (after I got there) that my surgery was cancelled!  Grrrrrr….  I told my husband, ‘I’m too irritated to go home so let’s just stay here and have a mini vacation’.

Stacey and John are hands-down the most generous hosts I’ve ever encountered.  And I’m a missionary kid so I’ve been to TONS of people’s homes….even her kids were kind enough to let us bunk in their rooms.  It was one of those homes that you feel completely comfortable going in the kitchen and helping yourself to whatever.  They definitely have the gift of hospitality.  I would’ve been a wreck had roles been reversed.

From the moment she opened up her front door, she talked to me like she’s known me her whole life and didn’t stop all weekend!  Come to find out she talks a lot when she gets nervous!  Isn’t that a hoot?  She’s a smooth talker too.  Some how I got wrangled into helping her work at her church for a little bit and was completely oblivious to it until it was all over.  She’s that gooooooood!

Cat, her husband Jeff and her youngest actually wanted to do stuff with us too, so that was totally cool getting to know her as well.  Cat’s a little bit of a wild girl (oh yes you are!!) and Stacey kept trying to keep her in line, so I was constantly entertained.

We ended up going to see Santa Friday night.  The funniest side to this was trying to keep my 2 boys from spilling the beans about Santa to Stacey’s son.  My 2 guys are a bunch of fuddy-duddies and never bought the whole Santa story.  Thankfully they think it’s great fun to play along.

Here are Alex, OldMan, and Brandon playing on the Crayola playset while waiting for Santa:
crayola land in KC

I love this picture of Stacey doing what Stacey does best!:
Stacey caught

This of course is my very favorite:

We ended up talking about everything under the moon and then some.  We’ve sworn on our friendship without involving spit or blood and I’m pretty sure I’ve met a life long friend.


So much to say, but…

December 11, 2007

I’m exhausted.

See, I’ve been too busy laughing at Stacey over at her blog.  She’s a bit excited don’t ya think??

 (hee, hee…love ya, Gidget!)

I want to write about the lack of surgery.

I want to write about one of the most relaxing weekends we’ve had in ages.

I want to write about Stacey.


When we got into town my husband bought me an early Christmas present and this present has been a handful…


Right now she is at the vet hospital with a stomach problem that is now involving the Center of Disease Control.  Long story and I’m just too dang pooped (pun intended) to get any thoughts together.

Before I go, please know that yes, Stacey was a peach.  Cat was sassy fun.  And I have a ton of pictures to show.  So she’s not the only one that had a blast and wants to brag.

 If all goes well and my new puppy is still alive I’ll be back…


The day has come

December 6, 2007

I can’t believe that I will be sleeping in Stacey’s house tonight!!!!  I’m leaving here in a bit to head on up north.  Not only is she letting me stay with her, but also my whole fam damily!  Yes.  She is that crazy.

I can’t wait to get the whole low down on the real Gidget.  I mean, we met at Silver Dollar City, but geez…it was like speed dating.  Without the dating.  I also get to meet Cat for the first time.  She’s totally slacking on the blogging thing, but she’s got a real job…so there ya go.  Plus I hear she’s skinny…so taking her out….

Not only do I get to interrogate spend hours with Stacey, but I also get to have my head in Dr. January’s lap!

…while a machine gun is shooting God-knows-what at my eyeballs!

Lasik…is it really worth the lap “job”?  I’ll let you know on Monday!


1 day and counting…

December 5, 2007


In case you were wondering….


And in case you were also wondering…no, I’m not going for hair removal surgery…get it?  The bearded guy?

 …oh never mind…..


Dear Santa,

October 30, 2007

This week year has really sucked.  But…

I think I have been a very good girl despite all that and I’ve got the awards to prove it.

Misty Dawn thinks I’m a bloggin’ Wonder Woman and I’m good for the community:

 wonderwoman.jpg                      communitybloggerawardwf1.jpg

and Trinity thinks I’m a sweet treat..I mean sweet as a treat! and she appreciates my friendship.  Shoot, even Gidge thinks I’m a good friend despite all the harassing I give her.  See?….

halloween.gif         friendship.jpg

This might be more on the sad side than good, but I even got this award and don’t remember who gave it!


Which kind of defeats the whole point of the award, but….

There are definitely days that I don’t feel sweet, nice, friendly, or like a hero, but these ladies are just a few that are to me.  Actually, you know what Santa?  Skip me and please make sure these ladies have an extra special Christmas this year.  I’ll just head over to Rocks in my Dryer and try to pick up a few giveaways.


Substitute teacher

October 24, 2007


 An Apple for Teacher (it drives me nuts there’s no ‘A’ before Teacher!)

For those people who spend much time and energy teaching us how to do things on blogs, encouraging us, enabling us, instructing us and enthusing us

I was so stunned to get this award from my BFF Stacey that it’s left me speechless for weeks now.  I definitely don’t feel like I’m worthy to be a teacher…maybe a sub.  Remember subs?  Every school-aged kid’s dream.

A time to be mischeivious.

A time to be tricky.

A time to shirk off responsibilities.

Sounds like some good Halloween fun actually!!

I think in order to teach, you need to be willing to learn.  And I have learned a lot…and blogged about it:

I’ve learned to expand my horizons ~     nascar.jpg

I’ve learned to laugh ~   100_1465.jpg

I’ve learned to love ~    wedding-kiss.jpg

and I’ve learned to cry ~ hillbilly.jpg  just kiddin’….kind of.

I really suck at passing these awards off to people.  This one is no different….I learn things from everyone! (ok, so I’m easy to entertain too).  There are a few people I’d really like to pass this to but they don’t have blogs (ahem!).

But lately I’ve really gotten a lot out of Anne over at Flower Dust.  I don’t even know if she accepts blog awards, but she is a great teacher.  She’s one of those bloggers that incorporates all her readers into her posts.  Besides that she’s WAY cool.  Rumor has it she’s really Kat!  Oklahoma is not too far for me to go for a great tat!


She likes me!

September 30, 2007


 My dear mum thinks that Stacey and I’s comment patterns are crazy!  You almost have to read all of Stacey’s comments to understand the comments on my site and vice-versa.  Apparently that makes Trinity smile.  I’m happy!  I can easily see how it could annoy some people, but it sounds like Trinity actually gets a kick out of it!  How fun is she!

Thanks for the smile award, Trinity.  I’ve been enjoying your blog too.  Now that we’re all friends and such I think you should know some things.  Stacey is my bff and all but she does have issues, so please be warned. See the following:

1. She cares about people who need love.
2. She gives 150% of herself to every project she takes on.
3. She has a family that is not to be reckoned with.

 With that kind of support and good karma…she’ll keep your world spinning!!