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Lots of lovin’ going around…

April 30, 2007

**Can the script get any smaller?!?!  Trying to work on that….** 

So…the In-Laws are back on the road and yes, they’re in one piece.  Even Ruggles enjoyed his stay.  Ruggles is their MALE Schnoodle.  He Looooooooves Rivka…in a very romantic sense.  And Rivka Loooooooves to be swooned by Ruggles.  Hello?  Ruggles.  Rivka.  It’s a match made in heaven.  (Although it’s a bit creepy having a male dog by the name of Ruggles…sorry, JuJu!) It’s just a shame that Rivka can’t be a bit more lady-like around Ruggles.  Actually she’s a straight out hu*ssy.  She’s even willing to lay down to get to his level!  I can’t tell you how many times I had to tell him to “get off her!”  I was in no way ready to have that kind of conversation with Gremlin!  Thankfully he just watched and smirked.

We thought the weather was going to get the best of us, but we finally had a clearing on Friday and got to go to Silver Dollar City.  It was a beautiful day and surprisingly not very many people in line to ride the rides.  I think the majority of the people there (and it was packed!) was the older crowd there to see the World Fest entertainers.  There weren’t any from
India so I wasn’t real interested.  We hardly had to wait in line for rides so it was a perfect day as far as that goes.

It was funny….OldMan was going on and on (like he ALWAYS does) about how he’s “not going to ride on that scary Wildfire.  No way…not going to happen.  It’s just plain nuts, what people will do to themselves!  Old people wouldn’t even do something like that!” (What the hey-hoo has that got to do with anything?!)  The funny part was we were SURROUNDED by old people.  One particular lady turned around and smirked at him.  As his eyes got as big as saucers, he knew he got busted.  She looked him dead in the eyes and said, “This old lady rode the Wildfire!”  Oldman just turned around and mumbled under his breath, “Dumb, OldMan…real dumb.”


WFMW – Perfect Over Easy Eggs

April 25, 2007


I’m completely, whole-heatedly stealing this from my mum.  We are an “over easy” kind of family when it comes to fried eggs.  Meaning cooked whites…wiggly yellows.  I personally get all kinds of verclempt-ness going when it comes to flipping the eggs.  I’m now saved from this drama…..

Cook your eggs in any product you choose (with butter or bacon fat…as IF anything else should be used besides bacon fat!), but after it’s in the pan, put a lid on it for 3 minutes, exactly.  Viola!  Done.  No flipping.  Perfect over easy eggs.

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Touch and go…

April 23, 2007

The In-laws have arrived, so I’ll be here on a touch and go basis this week.  This morning we’re off to enjoy a little shopping at Bass Pro with a wonderful lunch buffet at Hemingways (the restaurant upstairs in Bass Pro).  Gremlin absolutely LOVES going to Bass Pro…he gets to “test drive” every single boat and 4 wheeler in the showroom!  How fun for us all….!

BTW…just checked in to see how much was given For Heather and we’re over $15,000!!!!  It’s amazing!  There are some AWESOME, giving bloggers out there.


Another contest!

April 20, 2007

I absolutely love contests.  And in the blogging world for moms there are ALWAYS contests going on.  5 minutes for moms  is putting on a contest for a 9″ Phillips Digital Photo Frame.  I have been eyeing these things for awhile now.  People are already signing up so if you want in on this one you better head on over and sign up!


This day just sucks…

April 19, 2007

Man…I was not prepared for today.  Usually Thursdays are a very relaxing day as it’s my man’s day off.  Today has NOT been relaxing (ok…lunch doesn’t count…that was great…I needed laughs and boy did I get it!)

I’ve told some of you about Rivka (my choco lab) losing a lot of weight.  Well, this week she started throwing up every. single. meal.  Took her into the doc this morning only to find out ($300 later!!!) that it looks like she has a fast growing cancer of the stomach lining.  There are sections of her stomach lining that is an inch thick.

So basically she’s starving to death.  She gets hungry, eats, then throws it up as there’s not enough room in her stomach.  The vet wants to do a $1500 surgical procedure…that is just out of the question.  Rivka is almost 9 years old  and we DEFINITELY don’t have that kind of money.  It’s just so weird to hear, cause she’s so spunky right now and looks great!  We’re just going to try to keep her as comfortable as possible, feed her smaller portions more often until she just can’t eat anymore.  For the month of April, she’s been our offering container at KidPoint (church) – I’m going to go ahead and let her finish out the month if she can…she loves those kids!

I had to put down my baby, Shanti (English Springer) 1 1/2 years ago but it feels like I just did it.  I don’t want to go through this again!

I dread telling the boys…..


WFMW – Okie butter

April 18, 2007


…and no, I don’t mean the old fashion churn-your-own-butter.  That just looks like TOO much work. 

I’m sure this PB mix is called a variety of things as I’ve even seen it on the tables of a Danish family restaurant near Shipshawanna IN.  But growing up it was Okie butter.  My boys won’t eat PB sandwiches any other way now:

1T of butter (room temp)
2T of peanut butter
1-2T of maple syrup

Mix it all together and slap it on some bread.  It should be VERY creamy, but not too runny.  I have always “eyeballed” it when making it so I hope I’m not too off on my measurements.

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Especially for Heather!

April 18, 2007


 Today is Heather’s Day.  I talked a few days ago about a chance for us to be a blessing to Heather and her family.  That day is here.  If you’ll go to BooMama’s, she’ll have a special button that will allow us to give (through PayPal), for any costs that Heather might have to deal with while going to the Mayo Clinic next week.  We did such an incredible job when we did this for Kelli and it would be INSANE and very cool if we could do the same for Heather.  I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

Heather obviously still needs our prayers.  This weekend she and her husband told their kids about what was happening.  It completely broke my heart as I sat there thinking how it would be for me if I had to explain something like that to my boys.  Please continue to pray over her and her family.  And if you can, please head over to BooMamas and give some blessing.