Funniest post ever!!

November 15, 2007

Hands down.

I got this in email form from my good friend Mrs. A.R. and after some research found the guy that wrote this.

I couldn’t get it to link to the actual post so scroll down just a tad to October 12th, put down any and all drinks, and grab a hanky.  You’re gonna be snortin’!

15 minute lunch


  1. VERY good, Gi, thanks for the snort! I needed the lift today, it’s been a cruddy sort of day and I think I’m gettin a head cold. Gidge

  2. You’re right – absolutely completely hilarious!!!

  3. OMGosh…my chest hurts from laughing!

    And yes, I think that Cowboy Chachi probably does love you best! Why don’t you and J get one of those little numbers…


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